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Project: “The Faint and the Pilgrim”

Series of 50: “Ombre” (shades) Format : A4 - Black+White

Series of 50: “Projector” Format : A3 - Black+White

These images has been published in Slurp Magazine between 2007 and 2010, as part of the project 'The Faint and the Pilgrim' in collaboration with the artist and writer Carlo Zambotti.

For Slurp Magazine, we edited the music part of the magazine and we produced unique images about music artists in order to review their music albums: the aim of the project was to reduce to one single image what would usually be written in words in the usual critique.


Being inspired by the Polish poster art from the 50’s to the 80s, I shot a series of black and white digital images using different techniques and media.


The A2 prints are extracted from a work on shades, shooting the photographs after building a very detailed installation of objects, mirrors, glasses and sources of lights.


The A3 prints are created by overlapping different projections of Edvard Munch’s paintings and Palladio’s architectures on the models, and then editing the words in post-production.

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